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Bluey Robinson


A pop singer with serious soul, Blue Robinson is a rising star in the music world. Born in Sweden and raised in London, the 23 year-old is a captivating, charismatic debut act whose song writing encapsulates a throwback feel with a futuristic twist. 


Currently Bluey has just renewed his contract at MTV for another year, presenting the biggest tabloid news stories of the day, interviewing stars from the world of music and entertainment and reporting on lifestyle and fashion events. We asked Bluey a few questions.


Why do you like wearing streetwear?

It's just how I've grown up. I'm a london kid. Streetwear is usually casual, comfortable and generally looks dope!


What is your favourite thing to wear?

Either a beanie, vest or some baggy harem pants.


What is your favourite Mossimo piece from the collection?

I like the vests. That will be me this summer. 


How does it feel to be the face of the fashion brand?

Strange, exciting, kinda nerve-racking. 


Why did you choose Mossimo?

It was a mutual thing I guess, they seemed to like what I did etc, and their stuff is dope and fits with who I am. 


What was your highlight of the shoot?

I liked riding the penny skateboard although we didn't end up using it. Also the people were real cool. 


What is your career highlight?

Opening the main stage for Jay-Z at wireless festival or going on a European tour as support act for Justin Beiber. Both were severely surreal and dope. 


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